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Notes from Today's Class

Class Notes:
 "How you need to brand yourself" Professors here are the best at self-marketing
     Marketing is extremely important if you care about your ideas
People expect you to market yourself
A sense of meritocracy: if you really have talent, you rise to the top
Susan Boyle example: many people look at our appearance and assume things that we know are not true
WIC program provides nutrition, education for low-income mothers and kids
     seeing nutrition education as more than just doling out facts..we all know it's a deeply psychological thing

"I'm not exluding you, so why are you making something about it?" is a very common response when race is brought up

What is my responsibility to educate other people about race?
Clarify and articulate your own thoughts about how you feel about educating others about what you know.

Journal Entry:
In my Service-Learning class, EDUC 116X, this issue came up on the same day as our CSRE 173 class on the same topic..what a coincidence!  In the morning, I got to hear the experiences of other students who have had to act as "racial facilitators" in class or in their group of friends, and it made me feel comfortable sharing my own memories, both recent and in the past, about educating others about different racial experiences.  In the afternoon class, which I share with no other Black students, a girl spoke up about how she doesn't understand why someone would not want to educate the class about their background and what they know.  I took the opportunity to reiterate what was said in CSRE: "Sometimes, it just gets tiring and burdensome when people in a class come to expect you to comment on certain things or represent your entire racial group.  No one should be forced to carry that large responsibility."  

However, I find myself speaking up on behalf of more groups than "just Black people" when I play racial facilitator roles.  There are times when I speak for the multiracial, Asian, and even Latino perspective because I have personal experiences or accounts from friends that I believe will be valuable to the discussion.  In a classroom environment, this tends to be a little unsettling for some classmates at times.  If I am in a class with some Asian students and I decide to speak about the Asian community or display  Asian-American cultural knowledge, I will get some confused looks from those Asian students.  I don't feel as if they disagree with the things I say, but that they would rather comment on something that I couldn't possibly understand fully.  I would question this, if it were ever said out loud--but it stays underneath the radar in the realm of micro-aggression.


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Jan. 18th, 2011 11:49 am (UTC)
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Cool post! How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one? I can tell you put some work in.
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