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      I wish class could have lasted longer today, so we could discuss more of the stories in What Are You? and learn more about one another.  Everyone in the class brings something unique and interesting to the group atmosphere, but we all share some part of the common mixed race narrative, even if it's just the heightened ability to empathize with another's experiences.  
     I spent a lot of time reflecting on my role as "racial facilitator" (not sure if I remembered the exact title correctly) as I revisited my normal Soompi chat rooms.  I also pondered just how valuable it is to be in a position of seeing the "true colors" of people I interact with online.  When fellow soompiers in the chatroom insist on using the N-word as a part of their normal daily vocabulary, despite my expressed discomfort with that usage, I feel disrespected and ignored.  It makes me wonder whether this is the price I must pay if I am to be treated like an "honorary Asian" by this group.  Just like we discussed earlier, there are tradeoffs that come with "honorary" status in any culture; sometimes, the group may silently request to never be reminded of any other "allegiance" you have to another community.  There are moments when I speak up against a Black stereotype and I am told to "lighten up" or "take a joke" instead.  I hope we get to discuss the topic of racial humor in one of our future classes, because so much of today's racialized dialogue happens in the context of jokes and laughs, but rarely for me.  It is my belief that how a person is raised might determine whether she finds racial humor appealing, boring, or offensive.


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